may’16 book haul

hello, I know this is an extremely late book haul but I’ve been insanely occupied by studies! The books this month will be all the highly anticipated and extremely loved. I bought all these book because it’s either the last book or next book in the series is released. Everybody’s been raving about these books so i’m excited to read all of them.

  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses – Amazon | Goodreads
  2. A Court of Mist and Fury – Amazon | Goodreads

Everyone has been raving about the arrival of a court of mist and fury, so i decided to add it into my cart. This is definitely a book i bought because of bookstagram/booktube. and it’s a retelling of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST which i looooooove. Retellings are one of my favourite novels to read, so i’m was estatic when it finally got delivered to my house. A court of mist and fury is HUGE!! This series consists of three books, the last one is expected to be published next year.

3. The Wrath and the Dawn – Amazon | Goodreads
4. The Rose and the Dagger – Amazon | Goodreads

Another series that every one is talking about!! This is a retelling of ARABIAN NIGHTS which i have never read before. I’ve heard mixed reviews for the rose and the dagger, though it doesn’t diminish any excitement for me.

5. The Raven King – Amazon | Goodreads

omg, I’m scared about what’s going to happen in the last instalment of the series. Blue Lily, Lily Blue is already giving me so many mini heart stops, I don’t think I can handle reading this beauty. TRK is a beauty *heart eyes emoji*. I remember wanting to read the series because of this book, the cover is just amazing okay. It’s one of the best out there.


That’s all of my book haul! hope you had an amazing haul too! I’m so excited with these books I’m finishing all the sentences with a punctuation mark! YAY!

love. belle.


4 Replies to “may’16 book haul”

  1. Beautiful photos! This is such a fab haul with so many great books. I hope you enjoy The Wrath and the Dawn duology. I actually finished reading that one and loved it so much! I’m sure you’ve heard but the romance is absolutely swoonworthy. ^.^


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