favourite books in 2016

Hi friends! 2017 has arrived and so it’s time to consolidate my favourite books/series I’ve read throughout 2016. Due to my studies, I wasn’t able to read as much as I wished (though it shouldn’t be an excuse..). Overall, I’ve read about 53 books and there are so many fantastic books that I absolutely adore and loved so much. So, here are my favourites out of the 53 books.

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one: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
hoooolllyy!! Lady Midnight, alongside the rest of the Shadowhutner Chronicles, is simply AMAZING! Every time a new Shadowhunter book is published, I fall in love with the characters because of their diversity and uniqueness. Each character has their own background and story to tell, regardless good or bad, they are the way they are because of their past. I always love the mystery and the family dynamic of each family. I will continue to love the Shadowhunters through and through, and I’m anxiously waiting for the completion of The Dark Artifices, The Last Hour, The Wicked Power and The Eldest Curses.

There are many books in the Shadowhunter Chronicles so it may look daunting and confusing since the different stories are intertwined, but it’s worth the read.

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two: Angelfall, World After and End of Days by Susan Ee

ahhhh!!! I’ve never been that intrigued by an angel series ever (though, i have very little experience with angel stories) and it happened in such a short time. The first chapter of Angelfall got me hooked into Penryn and Raffe’s story. I shipped them soooooo much!

Susan Ee evoked so many emotions out of me, such as horror and disgust, which I wasn’t expecting at all. The romance wasn’t the only aspect that attracted me so greatly, it was also how Penryn had to shoulder an immense amount of responsibilities and her love towards Paige that kept her strong and desire to fight despite the tremendous obstacles. *applause to susan ee!*

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3. The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves, Blue Lily Lily Blue, The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

I was in such a craze for The Raven Cycle when I read it in 2016. New revelations that unfolds in every book are so fascinating and refreshing, indefinitely making The Raven Cycle one of its kind. The friendships between Blue, Noah, Gansey, Ronan and Adam gives me the flutters and warmth as they protect each other so fiercely without hesitations. Not knowing anything about TRC makes every thing more magical and epic.

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4. Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

The Shatter Me series was my first book from Tahereh Mafi. Her writing style is extremely unique and though different, it wasn’t hard to read at all. In fact, it enhances the reading process. Additionally, it’s my first time having to switch my ship in the middle of the series. It was unexpected but I love the second ship far more than the first one. (because he seem to have a stick up his bum the whole time)

5. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare


So, before reading Lady Midnight, you should read Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy first because some very important information is in there and you should want to find out what they are.

you should just read it because it’s incredible and i love the shadowhunter world loads

6. Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder is the fairytale retelling of Cinderella (duh), with a twist. In this world, years into the future where technology and sciences are far more advanced than ever, there are moon people called Lunars and their evil queen wanting to take over the Earth. Though it may be a little predictable at times, it’s still an enjoyable read. The characters are humorous and their conversations are hilarious and amazing. I still have Winter, Fairest and Stars Above left to read in the Lunar Chronicles and I can’t wait but like always, will feel super upset that it ended.

Also, look out for Wires and Nerves by Marissa Meyer, it’s the graphic novel of Iko and her adventures which I’m extremely excited for because Iko is one of my favourite.


That’s the end of my favourites in 2016, let me know what are yours in the comments!

wishing you all the best for 2017!

love. belle.


2 Replies to “favourite books in 2016”

  1. I loved Cinder, so addictive. I love and relate to Iko so much. All the Shadowhunter books get me so excited but I’ll always be baffled to how Cassandra Clare can write so much. Like, wow.


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