a different feb’17 wrap up

hello friends! I’m trying something out this month, I don’t know if I’ll stick to it for short or long-term. I’m hoping that this layout would be more concise not only for you but me too because I can be a forgetful person. Also, I want to be able to look back a month in just one post. So here it goes!


  1. The Rose and The Dagger by Renee Ahdieh

I enjoyed The Rose and The Dagger but not as much as The Wrath and The Dawn. However, there’s so much more going on in TRATD. There’s new challenges, new discovery, betrayal, love, hurt and death. Shahrzad is a fantastic female protagonist. She’s feisty, smart and an absolute warrior. The romance in the book just makes me swoon, all the time.

2. Make It Count by Megan Erickson

I read Make It Count in a couple of hours. It was fast-paced, and have diverse characters that I instantly liked. Though it’s in the new adult genre, it’s mild. This cute and fun contemporary is worth the read.

3. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

This is my first time reading Leigh Bardugo’s work, and I fell in love with her writing instantly. Though there’s not much world building in Shadow and Bone but I can’t help but immerse myself wholeheartedly into the book. Alina is a little weak now, and has to frequently depend on others but I’m sure she will grow better and stronger as a person. The Darkling is just a big enigma and he seems like a villain I would love to hate.

4. Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

So much more was going on in the second book which made my reading experience so much more enjoyable. Alina is becoming more grounded but she definitely still has her moments. Strumhond, a newly introduced character, became one of my favourite male characters ever very quickly. He is witty and a charmer. One thing that bothered me was that the Darkling’s presence was very minimal. It did create a feeling of impending doom but I didn’t feel as horrified or as worried at what he could do. Overall, the story is solidifying and there’s no way of knowing what would come in Ruin and Rising.

5. Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

I was fully immersed with the story, and I felt for every character. Yes, even for the evil ones. I went into Ruin and Rising with a little expectations but it turns out that I really enjoyed this last installment to the Grisha trilogy. Though there may be slower moments in the book, things pick up really quickly after that. There’s so much going on in this book and we are introduced to the wonderful Grishaverse in another way. But, many questions were unanswered and that’s my problem with it. I just want to know more. The ending wasn’t the most satisfactory but it was a good one.

6. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

Due to the popularity of ACOTAR and the Throne of Glass series, I avoided reading ACOTAR when it came out. I did the same with ToG. I don’t regret my decision of putting it off because I wouldn’t have enjoyed ACOTAR as much as I did now if I read it when everyone was raving about it. I love that Sarah J Maas incorporated the seasons, the way she described the people and the places was beautifully done, and how she slipped in bits and pieces of Beauty and the Beast. I absolutely loved it. About the relationship, I’m trying to be as detached as I am with the ship because I read ToG and I know that SJM is brutal when it comes to love interests (and the storyline), I’m afraid for the ending of ACOMAF.

I semi-spoiled myself by surfing pinterest for ACOTAR stuffs and I know things that I shouldn’t. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT. Ever.


1. book review: fairest + stars above by marissa meyer (link)
2. review + discussion: the wrath and the dawn by renee ahdieh (link)
3. review + discussion: the rose and the dagger by renee ahdieh (link)
4. review: shadow and bone by leigh bardugo (link)
5. a different feb’17 wrap up

Reviews for Seige and Storm, Ruin and Rising and ACOTAR will be up in March!



So I write to the sky –
I love you, a thousand times over.
And I will never apologize for it.

–  the wrath and the dawn | renee ahdieh

Na razrusha’ya. E’ya razruhost
(I am not ruined. I am ruination.)

– ruin and rising | leigh bardugo





Just yesterday I started watching Riverdale because people on bookstagram had been raving about it, and I’ve been seeing pictures of Jughead which piqued my interest so I decided to watch it on a whim. I’m not a very big fan of drama tv-series since they tend to run for a long time and there’s seemingly no end to it. Despite that, I found myself liking Riverdale. One thing that drew me in was the mystery aspect of the storyline which I found appealing. Another thing is the characters.

As I caught up to the latest episode, my current favourites are Veronica and Jughead. Veronica is spicy and the fire or should I say, ice made me like her even more. I also liked that she met a downfall before coming to Riverdale and she’s trying to be a better version of her.

Even though Jughead is a supporting/side character, I’m more invested in him than I am with Archie. I want to applaud whoever that decided that Jughead should be the narrator because he’s amazing, and I want to know more about his background after the shock that I received at the end of episode 4. Didn’t expect it at all.

I’m getting a Pretty Little Liars vibe from Riverdale. Definitely hope that it will be a different plot because I’ll be super disappointed if it were to end up it did in PLL. I didn’t manage to finish PLL because it kept going in circles that I decided I wasn’t going to finish watching it but I knew the main parts of the show. So yeah, please don’t end up the same way.

My opinion of these characters:

Archie tries to do his best and attempts to make the right decisions which is good but sometimes, he’s frustrating. Betty is an amazing character but she scares me a little. Cheryl isn’t the friendlist person in the whole wide world, but I find her interesting and I want to know more. Kav, has the sharpest jaw ever, and he needs to appear more in the show. Ms Grundy, nuh uh, didn’t like her a bit.

That’s all for this month’s wrap up. As I mentioned, I don’t know if I will be doing wrap ups in this format in the future. Let me know what you think? Thank you for reading! See you in the next post!!



2 thoughts on “a different feb’17 wrap up

  1. Summer @ Xingsings says:

    I felt the same way about The Rose and the Dagger. I enjoyed many parts (the Khalid and Shazi reunion /swoon/) but, ultimately, I didn’t find it as good as its predecessor. And if you loved the Grisha trilogy as much as you did, you’re in for a ride for the Six of Crows duology. The latter made me want to go back and rerate the original trilogy lower because it’s even more phenomenal. As for ACoTaR, I also read that in February coincidently. I liked it but I didn’t find it amazing as other readers said it’d be. However, ACoMaF is so, so good and a lot better in my opinion. So I hope you enjoy that one when you get a chance to read it!

    Happy March!



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