the liebster award

Surprise, this is not a book review post! *mini dance party* I’ve always wanted to post other content, so thank you Lydia from @Booksandmirth for giving me the chance to do something different.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions they wrote for you.
  3. Nominate 11 people.
  4. Give them your set of 11 questions to answer.

  1. Do you like book to movie/tv series adaptations?

Yes, I love to see characters and the world in the books come to life. I try not to be too critical and overanalyze every single detail since there are surely some loophole or mistranslated information.

2. Are you a fast reader or a slow reader? Do you prefer to read multiple books at once or one at a time?

I consider myself a fast reader. Definitely one at a time. I enjoy being fully immersed in a book with all its characters and plotlines without getting confused with other books if I were to read multiple books at once.

3. What is one book that was really hyped up that you ended up not liking?

Divergent. I couldn’t get into the story, the adaptation wasn’t to standard. Sorry if I’m offending any Divergent fans out there, but after learning what happened in Allegaint, I lost my motivation to read the rest of the series.

4. What is the worst book you ever read?

The Wake trilogy by Lisa McMann. I purchased the trilogy because the synopsis was intriguing but I was totally disappointed. It was weird and I couldn’t connect with the characters and the plot.

5. Do you believe in DNFs, or do you always finish a book no matter what?

I do DNF books but only consider doing that if it’s the last possible option. Some would be Divergent because I was spoilt for Allegiant, and The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks which I couldn’t get into.

6. Reading while listening to music or no?

Yes when I’m traveling. Background music is better than background talking. No when I’m at home, I like reading in silence. I’m confusing like that.

7. Stand-alones or series(s)

Series. The main genre that I read is fantasy, so I love when there’s world building and character development which takes time.

8. Why do you read?

It’s fascinating how authors create their world from scratch, and then develop that world to something magical and awesome. Diving into a new world is always so interesting. Reading is therapeutic to me.

9. If you could live in one fictional world, what would it be?

Can my acceptance letter from Hogwarts come already? I really want to attend an Astronomy class or Transfiguration. Visit Diagon Alley and buy my own wand at Ollivanders. I already know which wand is mine, thank you Pottermore. I want to see Ravenclaw common room with my own eyes.

10.  Who is your current fictional boyfriend (or girlfriend I guess) and why are you together?

Will Herondale. He’s such a sweetheart, and loves Tessa so much. My heart is warm and full whenever there’s a Wessa scene.

11. Besides reading, do you have any other hobbies?

I used to dance, and sing when I was still schooling. I normally binge watch tv series or movies. I sound like a total sloth and a couch potato. I love art, so book journaling which I just started, drawing, and creating aesthetics on pinterest.

That’s my answers, I enjoyed this incredibly. It’s so different from what I always do which are book reviews. opps…


  1. Any tropes that you love but others may find it cliché or annoying?
  2. What is your current read and how much are you liking it?
  3. Name a fictional character that you relate to the most.
  4. What is one essential when you’re reading?
  5. Up till now, what is your most favourite book of 2017 and why?
  6. Which underrated book/series do you think more people should read?
  7. What is one thing you wish to see more in books?
  8. What is a popular book/series that you’re dying to read?
  9. Do you have a fictional soul mate?
  10. Book buying online or go to a bookstore?
  11. If you could live in any country, where would you live?

I’m nominating:

Summer @xingsings

Manzar @lostpagesofbook

Brooklyn @brooklynsippingacupoftea

Hope you will have as much fun as I did! Once again, thank you Lydia.




10 Replies to “the liebster award”

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  2. Hi Belle! Gosh, I’m so sorry that it took me literally forever before I saw this post. I had it buried in one of my many bookmarked folders and only rediscovered it just now.

    Anyway, what lovely answers! I love that you chose Will as your bbf (book boy friend), hehe. That works out perfectly since mine is Jem. ❤ 😉

    And thank you so much for the nomination. I actually already did this award several times back in 2015 and don't participate in awards/tags anymore, but I still really appreciate the thought nonetheless. So if it's okay I'll answer some of your questions in this comment. I'm currently reading The Leavers and liking it okay, as well as finishing up the Dengeki Daisy manga series which I'm loving immensely. An essential item I have nearby when I'm reading are those sticky note tab things because I like marking my favorite scenes, passages, and quotes. And, lastly, a popular/hyped series I want to read soon is The Dark Artifices. Being such a huge Cassie Clare fangirl I've no idea why I haven't picked up Lady Midnight yet. XD


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