staycation @ equarius hotel, sentosa

1495385779518In order to spice up my blog, I decided to do a life update post instead of the usual book reviews. One of my friends invited us over to staycay at Equarius Hotel at Resorts World Sentosa for 2 days 1 night. THANK YOU AUDREY, if you are even reading this! love you loadssssss.

The bathroom in our room was huge, and it was such a pity that I didn’t get to soak in the bath tub, but there were 9 of us so if we took turns bathing in the tub, it would take forever. There was a garden that served as a balcony for our room where I watched the sunrise alone the next morning while the others slept soundly in the room. i couldn’t sleep the night before. sobs.

I’m not a drinker but my friend introduced me to Rekorderlig’s Strawberry and Lime which was heavenly, it’s so sweet and yummmmz.

Here are some photos, I didn’t manage to get out of the room much since we wanted to just chill in the room.1495385626022

It was one of the most wonderful, happiest, chillest day in 2017. The 11 of us rarely meet the past few months due to studies and our schedules are always very different, and it’s so hard to actually have a day when everyone can meet. Even though I couldn’t sleep, I felt really happy.

love. belle.


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