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I was tagged by the wonderful Jessica @booksbeautybarks ! Do check out her blog, it’s gorgeous! This tag was initially created by @okotoenigmasblog 

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  1. I was a complete impulse book buyer before I joined Bookstagram. I had a Goodreads account ever since 2014 but I didn’t properly used it till the last two years when I created my Bookstagram account.
  2. Want a dog really badly but since I’m still living in my parent’s house, I’m not allowed to get one until I’m married.
  3. A complete food fanatic.


1. What are you currently reading?

Just started Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor. I’m loving it. Highly recommend Laini Taylor’s books.

2. If you could only keep one book in your collection, what would it be?

*spits out blood* ONLY ONE BOOK?! This is pure torture.. If I really have to, it’ll be Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. I love everyone in this trilogy – Will, Tessa, Jem, Henry, Charlotte and Magnus. The ending was bittersweet, and Will is my top fictional boyfriend. Can’t abandon him for Harry Potter (sorz)

3. What is your go-to reading snack?

I don’t normally eat while reading cause phobia of dropping food into the cracks of pages and unable to pick it out cause fat fingers.

4. What is your favorite book-film/tv adaptation?

Harry Potter? LOL. I’m not usually a big fan of adaptations unless I hear reviews that they are done really well A Monster Calls (haven’t watched or read yet) and of course, the Harry Potter franchise. Watched Shadowhunters but it’s not really following the books now so…. EH. (some of their actings and lines are quite cringe-worthy so i’m giving that adaptation a pass. oops)

5. Where are your top real-world and fictional travel destinations?

Currently, I really really really want to go to Japan. Other than that, it’s Europe and New Zealand. For fictional travel destinations, I want to visit Rhysand in Velaris or Kaz’s crew in the Grishaverse. (HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT NIKOLAI LANSTOV’S DUOLOGY? I’M SO EXCITEDDDDDDDD!!!!) 


  1. What’s the next book you’ll be reading?
  2. Which book character would you be if given a choice?
  3. A book that has been on your to-buy list for forever
  4. Which song would best describe your favourite book?
  5. Who would be your worst enemy in the books you’ve read?


  1. review + discussion: lord of shadows by cassandra clare (link)
  2. review + discussion: lady midnight by cassandra clare (link)
  3. #thereadingquest tbr (link)

thank you for loving my reviews of the dark artifices ♡


Linda @flourishreader // Franziska @booksandpeonies // Elena @almostreading


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