#YARC2019 | tbr

Another? ANOTHER????? yes, another. it’s the last one, i promise.

Will I ever stop finding more reading challenges to complete within the year of 2019? No. I get tempted far too easily and there’s nothing to stop me from joining (well, expect for school). So yes, Belle is back with another reading challenge tbr. The goal is to read as many books from Asian authors as I can.

CW – The Quiet Pond | Lily – Sprinkles of Dreams  | Vicky – Vicky Who Reads | Shealea –  Shut Up Shealea

When I found out that these lovely ladies are hosting a year-long reading challenge to read all the Asian books there is in the world, WHY THE HECK NOT?! 2019 is definitely the Year of the Asian with all the books that are getting published this year, especially all the fantasy books I’ve been eyeing and adding on Goodreads. As an Asian myself, it’s incredible to see myself represented after so long of reading books that stars people of other ethnicities. I AM SO READY.

@YearOfTheAsian Twitter | sign up here!


For this challenge, I’m a Malayan tapir who is going to read 21 to 30 books.

I’m so incredibly excited for #YARC2019, this year will be awesome with all these Asian books. As usual, I’ll be frequently updating on my Twitter thread and this blog post! Come back once in a while to check out the books I’ve read!


  1. the gilded wolves – roshani chokshi
  2. smoke in the sun – renee ahdieh
  3. the weight of our sky – hanna alkaf
  4. forest of a thousand lanterns – julie c. dao
  5. the young elites – marie lu
  6. a thousand beginnings and endings – ellen oh & various authors
  7. the burning sky – sherry thomas
  8. girls of paper and fire – natasha ngan
  9. kaichou wa maid-sama – hiro fujiwara
  10. descendant of the crane – joan he
  11. spin the dawn – elizabeth lim
  12. summer bird blue  – akemi dawn bowman
  13. the perilous sea – sherry thomas
  14. jade city – fonda lee
  15. warcross – marie lu
  16. jade war – fonda lee
  17. the poppy war – r. f. kuang

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