year of the asian 2020 | tbr

It’s another year for YARC! I had so much fun participating in Year of the Asian as it made me read much more books written by Asian authors.

CW – The Quiet Pond | Lily – Sprinkles of Dreams  | Vicky – Vicky Who Reads | Shealea –  Shut Up Shealea

These awesome ladies are continuing with YARC, and I’m here for it! They’ve put in so much effort in this reading challenge last year, and recommended so many awesome books, I have no hesitation to join YARC2020.

Same as last year, I’m attempting to achieve the Malayan Tapir which means I have to read 21 to 30 books.

I’ll be updating once in a while when I finish reading the books! I’m incredibly excited to read lots more books by Asian authors because representation is important and I loved most of the books that I read last year. It was such a good feeling reading about my own culture in YA books that are published internationally, and learning about other Asian cultures that I’m not familiar with.


  1. loveboat, taipei – abigail hing wen
  2. the candle and the flame – nafiza azad
  3. little fires everywhere – celeste ng
  4. miracle creek – angie kim
  5. when dimple met rishi – sandhya menon
  6. the library of fates – aditi khorana
  7. the bride test – helen hoang
  8. we hunt the flame – hafsah faizal
  9. aru shah and the song of death – roshani chokshi
  10. violet evergarden volume 1 – kana akatsuki
  11. the bone witch – rin chupeco
  12. the trouble with hating you – sajni patel
  13. laura dean keeps breaking up with me – mariko tamaki
  14. the empress of salt and fortune – nghi vo
  15. hungry hearts: 13 tales of food & love – elsie chapman & caroline tung richmond
  16. want – cindy pon
  17. violet evergarden vol 2 – kana akatsuki
  18. steel crow saga – paul krueger
  19. this time will be different – misa sugiura
  20. blood of a thousand stars – rhoda belleza
  21. natalie tan’s book of luck and fortune – roselle lim
  22. fake it till you break it – jenn p. nguyen
  23. empress of all seasons – emiko jean
  24. dragon pearl – yoon ha lee
  25. the mermaid, the witch, and the sea – maggie tokuda-hall
  26. it’s not like it’s a secret – misa sugiura
  27. the deck of omens – christine lynn herman
  28. huntress – malinda lo
  29. kingdom of the blazing phoenix – julie c. dao
  30. vanessa yu’s magical paris tea shop – roselle lim

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